Why is a bear dancing on my lawn

Posted October 09, 2018 05:11:06 The dancing bear is one of the world’s most popular pet species.

It is also a dangerous one.

But according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, it has been a source of fascination for some.ABC News reports that the bear has been seen at several breweries in Australia.

A local breeder has reportedly told the ABC that the bears are not wild, but have been domesticated.

“I think it’s a wild animal, they’re a wild species, but they’re domesticated, and they’re in good condition,” he said.

The ABC reports that some breweries are even offering the bears a free ride to the brewpub.

“This is a great way for the brewery to have the bears and also get a little bit of the entertainment factor,” said one breeder.

The bear is believed to have been bred for its fur, according to ABC News.

A bear breeder in Tasmania told the broadcaster that it had been “bred for its hair and its skin.”

A man in New Zealand has also been accused of illegally selling a bear.

The ABC reports a man, named Peter, was arrested after a group of hunters found a bear cub in the bush and brought it to a farm where it was sold to a farmer.

Peter was charged with poaching and selling a wild bear.

He pleaded not guilty and was due to appear in court on September 22.

He told police he did not have the bear.ABC news reports that Peter has a history of illegal activities.

He was convicted of possessing a prohibited animal, while he was a youth in New South Wales in 2012.

The judge sentenced him to three years in prison.


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