What does bear climbing mean to a bear?

The National Park Service has posted an explanation on its Bear Climbing page that states: Bear climbing is the art of finding a new or unexpected route for a bear to climb.

Bears have been known to use all sorts of climbing equipment including rope and logs, so it’s not uncommon for a new bear to try out a new route.

There are many different types of climbing in bear country, and different routes and methods for climbing a bear are necessary to make sure you’re using the right equipment.

A bear can easily climb a rock or tree if you are able to move them to a comfortable position.

This can be difficult to do when you’re carrying heavy items like a bear, but bears are quick learners and will often make use of their abilities to climb new routes.

The park also says the use of bear-friendly climbing equipment is a matter of personal preference.

For example, bear climbing gear should not be used in areas where bears are a threat.

It’s also important to remember that bear climbing equipment may not be appropriate for use in areas that are protected by the federal Endangered Species Act.

For more information, visit the park’s bear climbing page.


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