A bear cub dies in the wild at the Doosan Bears’ stronghold

A cub has died after falling into a trap in the DoOSan Bears territory, an animal welfare organisation has confirmed.

The cub, named Teddy Bear, died on Wednesday, and it is not known how he got into the trap.

The DoOSAN Bears, an organisation which protects endangered and vulnerable wildlife in the area, said the death was “unfortunate and heartbreaking”.

“Teddy Bear was one of our beloved cubs who had a fantastic adventure at the site,” the group said in a statement.

“He is currently with his family in an enclosure at the park where he has been living.”

While the circumstances surrounding his death are not yet known, we are devastated and heartbroken at the loss of a very special and beloved companion.

“A park ranger who was working with the bears said he did not believe the cub fell into a pit.”

The cub was not caught in a trap and therefore has died in the natural habitat,” the park ranger said.

The DFA has previously said that DoOSA bears do not kill cubs, but that they do attempt to kill them.

The organisation also said it would not be able to comment on the matter further until a formal investigation was carried out.

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