How to Stop Being a Bitch and Start a Bunch of Biscuits


The last time the National Football League held a playoff game, it had a big-time winner.

The San Francisco 49ers were a playoff team when they lost to the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, and they’re back, and for good reason.

The Seahawks were the only team in the league to win at least one playoff game during the last 20 years.

This is no fluke.

The NFL is a highly competitive sport.

The best players in the world play for one team.

So it’s no surprise that the 49ers won their last three playoff games.

The 49ers’ four Super Bowl wins are tied for the most in the NFL.

So, of course, they’re the best team in America.

But let’s go to the next logical step, and that is the best-performing team in a Super Bowl in a few decades.

So who is the worst Super Bowl champion?

The answer: The 49er dynasty.

The team that won Super Bowl XXVIII is gone.

It has never won another Super Bowl.

Its only win in the last decade was in 2009, when it defeated the New York Giants in Super Sunday.

Since then, it has never again made the playoffs.

The other four Super champions are: Super Bowl II, Super Bowl III, Super Cup, and Super Bowl XIX.

The five other Super champions have lost a Super Cup to the Steelers.

The Giants, who won their first two Super Bowls, won their next two in 1990.

The Patriots have won their four Super Cups in three seasons, and their last Super Bowl victory came in 2009.

So the 49er juggernaut, the dynasty, is gone, and the 49s are still one of the league’s best teams.

The only question is: Which team will win the next Super Bowl?

It’ll be interesting to see if the 49-27 win against the Bengals in Super Wednesday is any indication of that.

But the 49ERS will always be the franchise that won the Super Bowl and the NFL has a tradition of having a champion.

It’s only a matter of time before the 49es are back, no matter how bad things get.

But, as long as the 49, Seahawks, and Bengals are undefeated and have the best record in the AFC West, there’s no reason to panic.

They’re still in the NFC West.

So let’s do this thing of celebrating the greatness of the 49.

The NFC East has two NFC champions.

The New York Jets are currently No. 2 in the West.

The Seattle Seahawks have won seven consecutive games, but they’re still only two games out of the division lead.

The Green Bay Packers have won eight straight games and will play at home for the first time since 2008.

But their record is 11-17.

They haven’t beaten the Seahawks in Seattle since 2003, and if they do, they’ll play in Super Thursday night’s rematch of Super Bowl XXXV.

If the Jets and Seahawks can’t overcome the Packers and make it to the Superdome, then the AFC South is in trouble.

The AFC West has four teams in the top six in the conference.

The Philadelphia Eagles are No. 1 in the division, but the New England Patriots have dropped five straight games, including beating the Jets by seven points on Sunday.

The Indianapolis Colts have a chance to make the playoffs, but their defense has been inconsistent and the offense has struggled.

The Houston Texans are No, 1 in that division, the only one in the postseason.

But they’ve won only one game since Week 1.

The Cincinnati Bengals are No 1 in this division, with a three-game lead on the San Diego Chargers.

But a three and a half-game deficit is a bit much.

The Dallas Cowboys are No 2 in this section, with five games left.

They’ll have to beat the New Orleans Saints on the road to close the gap on the Texans.

The Atlanta Falcons are No 3 in this tier, with two games left on their schedule.

The Washington Redskins are No 4, with four games left, but have a lot of work to do.

The Carolina Panthers are No 5, with six games left to go.

The Kansas City Chiefs are No 6, with seven games left before they have to go to Atlanta and face the Falcons there.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are No 7, with eight games left and could be facing the Falcons and the Saints.

The Minnesota Vikings are No 8, with nine games left between them and the New Jersey Jets.

The Oakland Raiders are No 9, with 10 games left as they try to avoid a trip to Arizona.

The Miami Dolphins are No 10, with 11 games left until they face the Jets.

Then there’s the Houston Texans.

If they don’t win their last four games, the Texans will lose their chance to win a Super Series title, and will finish at 0-3. They need


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