How to make a polar bear cooler

In late February, a Polar Bear Cooler made of aluminum and glass was spotted on a Hong Kong street.

The cooler is thought to have been purchased from a Hongkong-based online auction house in August, with the company offering a $30,000 (£22,000) offer.

However, after a number of inquiries, the seller eventually took the cooler down.

The owner of the item, a HongKong-born woman, claimed the cooler was sold on eBay, and that it was “a fake Polar Bear”.

It’s now being reported that the seller has contacted the Hong Kong police to get the item returned.

The woman was able to get her own Polar Bear cooler and sell it on the same day, and the HongKongs police confirmed that they are looking into the incident.

We contacted the auction house for further information, and they did not respond to our request for comment.

We’ve reached out to the seller for further details.

The polar bear is one of the most iconic polar bears in the world, with polar bears roaming the world’s oceans in large numbers.

In Hong Kong, the polar bear population is currently at around 4,000 individuals, and as of March, they were in a situation of ‘extreme’ distress, according to a Hong-Kong City Government document.

This situation means the polar bears have been given very little food, water, shelter, and even their own clothing, which is very difficult to find in Hong Kong.

As the weather becomes colder and more polar bears are killed, the situation worsens.

The HongKos government has been trying to improve the situation, and this is the first time it has been reported that a polar Bear Coolers have been sold.

We also contacted the seller’s mother, who told us that the polar Bear coolers were sold on the eBay auction site as “fake” in order to gain attention.

This is very concerning, as this is a symbol of Hong Kong’s polar bear conservation efforts, as well as of HongKis polar bear status as a city with the world-famous polar bear, which has become a symbol for conservation in HongKens history.

However we’ve contacted the buyer’s mother to learn more about the situation.

We’re currently working with the Hongkongs Police to track down the seller and get the cooler back in Hongkens hands.

You can learn more in our article How to create a polar polar bear cooling.

We understand the buyer was worried that they may have lost the item in Hong kong, but the seller claims they are still on track to get their cooler back, as the Hong kongs police are already working with them to recover the item.

What do you think of the polar bore cooler?

Do you own one?

Let us know in the comments below.


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