How bears will look in NHL 50: The new logo and uniforms

This year’s NHL 50 is the culmination of two decades of expansion efforts, the creation of a new league and the development of a set of uniform designs.

Here’s what we know so far: NHL 50 logo design: NHL logo design will feature the words “NHL 50” at the top and the word “Nhl” below.

The new uniform will be unveiled on April 10.

NHL 50 uniforms will be designed in a retro-styled manner with a retro theme and features.

The uniforms will feature “black and white” jerseys with a dark grey-coloured background.

The NHL 50 design will include the words NHL 50 at the bottom and the NHL logo above the word.

The word NHL 50 will be placed above the logo.

The color scheme will be white with red piping at the neck and the black stripes along the shoulders.

The logo will be black and white with a black-colour shoulder patch.

NHL 500 uniforms will have a retro black-and-white design.

The retro style will include a black stripe at the shoulders, a red stripe at each sleeve, a white-grey stripe along the chest, red piping and black piping along the sleeve.

NHL logo will feature a white stripe across the upper left-hand corner and will be printed on the outside of the shoulders and the right shoulder.

The uniform will feature two white-colours stripes, a black and red piping, white piping at each shoulder and red stripes along each sleeve.

A black shoulder patch will be used at the knee and a red piping on the right arm.

NHL 51 uniforms will include red piping around the chest and a black shoulder strip.

NHL 52 uniforms will sport a black sleeve with white piping, red lining along the bottom, a blue-grey piping around each arm and a white piping on each arm.

The piping will be red and blue.

The back of the jersey will feature red piping along both the shoulder and arm.

Both NHL 51 and NHL 52 jerseys will feature white piping along each arm, with white lining along both shoulder and shoulder strip, and a blue piping on both arm.

These uniforms will debut on April 19.

NHL 49 uniforms will offer a retro style with a red and black sleeve pattern and a grey-grey-white piping pattern on each sleeve and on the chest.

The jerseys will have white piping across the chest for the jersey stripes, black piping on either shoulder or arm and white piping around both shoulder strip and arm sleeve.

Both uniforms will wear a white jersey stripe and red lining on each shoulder, arm and sleeve.


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