When sea bears become sea lions, a new world of predator in our midst

A new species of sea lion has been discovered in the waters off Australia, a species that has been known only from the wild for a century.

Sea bears are the only living members of the marine mammal family.

They have short, curved fins and can grow to up to two metres long. 

While the species is now found in the ocean, it has never been documented in the wild.

“It is not known whether this new species is related to any existing sea lion species, but there is a lot of interest in its ecology and biology,” said Dr Paul Barer, a marine biologist from the University of New South Wales, in Australia.

Dr Barer has been studying sea lions since he was a child, and now, thanks to his work with a group of marine scientists at the University Of New South Welsh, he is in the process of studying them as part of his doctoral thesis.

A young sea lion with its teeth in its mouth.

The researchers used X-rays to study the animal’s teeth and found that the teeth had been pulled apart and its jaws were in a state of decay.

This is the second specimen of this new animal to be discovered off Australia.

The first was a sea lion from the Torres Strait region, and the second was an adult male sea lion that had been spotted in the Gulf of Carpentaria, off Tasmania, and off the coast of Western Australia.

Sea lions are carnivores that hunt for food.

The team who found this new sea lion found it had a large gizzard-like mouth, and its teeth had become separated from their sockets.

This led to a process that could lead to it becoming a sea lions’ primary diet, the researchers wrote.

“We can only speculate as to why this process occurred, but it is certainly possible that the jaw had been broken off in a process of cannibalism, leading to the tooth being removed, and being eaten by the other animals in the family,” Dr Barer said.

Sea lion males are born with a “sea lion-like” gizzard, which is the shape of their jaw that can be seen on the lower jaw, the top jaw and their lower front teeth.

The gizzard shape of the sea lion’s jaw, which looks like the shape a cat’s, allows it to suck in prey, and then swallow it.

It is one of the ways in which the sea lions protect themselves from predators, like sharks and killer whales, which are known to be able to attack their prey by sucking it in and spitting it out.


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