Brigsby Bear’s big bear ski lift lifts lift skiers to snowmobiling adventure

BRIGGSBY, Idaho — Brigsby, a small town near Salt Lake City, Idaho, had its share of snowmobilers when the Big Bear snowboarding park opened in 2010.

Now, the snowboard park is bringing back a few of its own.

Brigsbys Ski Lift, the company that manages Brigsbys Big Bear Snowboard Park, has reopened its lift, which was closed due to a problem with the lift, said park spokeswoman Lori M. Williams.

The lift has been on the same hillside since its opening, and was closed on Feb. 14 due to problems with the structure, Williams said.

Brigsbies lifts lifts skiers can ski from the top of the lift to the bottom, she said.

The Big Bear ski lift is located in the parking lot of the park.

When the lift was closed, it was one of Brigsbers main draws, Williams explained.

It has a nice location to set up, and is a great spot to enjoy the snow and the snow-covered hills.

This year’s snow season is shaping up to be a busy one in Brigsberys.

The last snowfall was Feb. 16.

The park is offering free admission to all visitors to BrigsBYS Big Bear Ski Park.


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