Which bear stories are actually bear news?

A bear has been spotted in the Scottish Highlands.

It has been dubbed the “Ice Bear” by a local who says the bear can be found in the same area where a number of other bears have been spotted.

The local, who did not want to be named, said he has seen bears around the area of the Lochs Loch, where the sightings have been reported.

The bear has a “large, dark, fat and hairy face” and is also covered in hair.

The Scottish Highlands is a rugged area of Scotland with high mountains and ice cliffs.

The area is a popular bear watching destination.

Bear sightings In Scotland, the region has seen two bear sightings in recent months, both involving the same bear.

A bear in a car on the A12 at Glencoe in September was spotted by a number people.

A resident of the area reported the bear to a wildlife officer, who found it “very friendly and affectionate”.

He told the Scottish Sun: “The bear was very friendly and the officer kept it on his lap.”

The bear then left and did not return.

“A man in Aberdeen in August reported seeing a “big black bear” on the roadside, but no bear was seen.

A man from the same town in October reported seeing the same black bear, but it was “very little” and “not aggressive”.

A number of people in the region have also reported seeing bears.

On Friday, a woman from Perthshire in the west of Scotland was seen “standing on the side of a road” with a bear, and “caught up” in its fur.

The woman said the animal appeared to be “lively” and was “not looking to harm”.

The animal was spotted on the outskirts of Perthshire, near the Perth Wildlife Centre, in the area known as the Bear Mountain.

Another woman was seen in the Aberdeen town of Blackwater on Saturday, when she saw a “lady bear” and said she “came away quite impressed”.

In October, another woman was spotted in Edinburgh, wearing a grey jacket and walking along a road.

“I got it to stand on the road, and when I got it out of its jacket, I could see that it was covered in fur.” “

I walked up and down the road and there was a very big black bear there,” she said.

“I got it to stand on the road, and when I got it out of its jacket, I could see that it was covered in fur.”

A number more people have also come forward with information about bears.

The Lochs Gatherings, a group of people who go out in the Highlands each year to see the bears, said the group was “surprised and a bit worried” when they spotted a bear on the same road.

They have not yet spoken to the bear, who has since left.

“It was a big surprise to us,” Lochs Meetings director Paul Smith said.

The group are hoping to speak to the animal again in the near future.

What to do if you spot a bear: If you spot an animal on the Scottish Highland, try not to approach it.

Do not approach or harass it.

It may bite.

Do tell the person who saw it that they can call 999.

If the bear is in your sight, call the police or a wildlife authority if necessary.

You can also call animal welfare officers.

If you can’t get a response, contact the police.