‘Weird Al’ Yankovic is on the road again: Live coverage from the California Bear Creek Park

Aussie pop superstar Weird Al Yankovich will perform at the California bear creek park this weekend, following a stint on tour.

The singer was due to perform at San Diego’s famed Campo Santo this weekend but he cancelled the gig in the wake of the deadly wildfires raging in California, leaving fans to speculate about his whereabouts.

Fans have been calling on Yank to come to the park for several weeks, but he has yet to answer any of their queries, despite numerous sightings of the American icon in California.

Yankovich is currently on a world tour and he will perform a number of gigs in the US, including the upcoming release of his album ‘Hurt’.

The Californian’s fans have been on the lookout for him ever since his release of the album in 2015.

In February, Yank released his first solo album, ‘California Bear Creek’, which was a major success.

After the release of ‘Hustle and Flow’ in 2017, the pop star was able to release his sophomore album ‘Dirtbag’, which featured guest appearances by fellow country stars Willie Nelson and the Flaming Lips.

Despite the success of his second album, it did not take long for Yank’s fans to be frustrated.

It was revealed in February that Yank was in the midst of writing a sequel to ‘California’ and that it would be his first new album since the release in 2019 of his first single, ‘All My Loving’.

Despite his disappointing performance on stage at the Campo Santa Margarita festival in October, Yanks popularity continued to rise.

Following the fires in California last month, YANK was among the celebrities to fly to the US and perform at a rally at the US Capitol.

‘Weird al’ Yanks return to California this weekend as he performs at the Cal Bear Creek park in Sacramento, California, to honour those affected by the fires, with a number planned in the coming days.

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