I’m gonna marry a bear, too

Posted October 18, 2018 08:51:50 My son is an only child, and I have no intention of ever giving up my daughter to someone who is a bear.

So, for the first time in my life, I’m going to marry a black bear, a bear that is a part of my family.

But first, I want to show my son the world that bears can be good. 

 I’ve had two black bears. 

Both were adopted by people in my family who had little understanding of bears, and they had been with me for years.

When I adopted my first black bear back in 2004, I didn’t know anything about them, and the first day I saw one, I cried.

The bear was very affectionate and very loving, and when I gave it a name I wanted to call him “Big Bear,” I thought it would be a big honor to share him with a stranger.

I never wanted to share the name with someone who didn’t understand the difference between a black and a white bear.

When they adopted me, I had no idea how big the bear would grow.

When we got to the city where I live, my mom came out to get the bear.

She was very excited to see me and take him out, but I told her that I don’t want to be a part part of the ceremony.

It was the first bear I’d ever seen, and now I want my son to see that he is a true part of our family.

The next time I met my first bear, I got my bear and he took a liking to me.

I had him in the car the first night I was born, and he never let me down.

I have a new bear, and it is very sweet.

I’ve been in love with the bear ever since.

We even got a dog, who is very happy to see us.

I am a little nervous because I have to get married with him.

But I love him so much.

I’m excited to finally be able to share a hug with him, and his name is Big Bear.

Bears are very friendly and they love to play with kids.

My son loves to go into the woods and play with other bears, too.

I love to go out and play outside.

But one thing I am not ready to do is take on a big bear, because I just don’t understand what that would be like.

When you see someone who looks like a bear and you see him on TV or in magazines, you see a different kind of animal.

I don, and my son doesn’t, understand why people would take on big bears.

I would love to meet a black grizzly bear, but there’s not enough information about black bears to get that started.

So I’m waiting for a study done on black bears and other bears.

Hopefully, if there is a study that proves that black bears are good for us, then maybe I will start adopting black bears, because that’s what we’ve always been told by people.

But right now, I am in the process of getting a bear from the zoo and putting it into my home.

I really want to get a bear to live with me.

It is not a decision that I made lightly.

It is not something that I’m comfortable with.

But when I think about all the bears that are around me and how cute they are, and how much I value them, it is worth it.

I want Big Bear to see how I love them, too, because they are so special to me and they are my family now.