How to make a bear chase beer in your kitchen

A bear chase brewery in Queensland has released a new beer that is inspired by the classic movie “Bear Hunting”.

The brewery’s founder, Richard Bear, said it was inspired by one of his favourite movies, “The Great Gatsby”.

“It’s one of the films that inspired this beer, because I think it’s very much in the same vein of the movie, the bear chasing,” Mr Bear said.

“The bear’s chasing a pig, and the pig is chasing the car, so they both end up in the woods and the car is caught in the bear’s jaws.”

I thought that’s a really cool way of putting it.

“The beer was released last week.

Mr Bear and his brother-in-law, Peter, are both former police officers, and are now brothers working as brewers.

They both live in Redland in Queensland.

Mr Bear said they had been looking for inspiration since their father died, and that it was an easy one to pick up.”

We’ve just been really fascinated by the idea of being a hunter and going out and catching bears, and what that means to you, what you want to do when you’re not doing it,” Mr Bentson said.

He said they were lucky to have their dad’s love of cinema as inspiration for their beer.”

He was an avid movie fan, so we wanted to create something that would capture the feeling of that in a beer,” Mr Bigsons said.

The brewery will release another beer later this year called the ‘bear hunting’ beer, and Mr Bear plans to open a second brewery.

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