Russian bear dancing on a frozen lake in New Zealand

A bear has taken to the icy lake in the New Zealand Alps to perform a bit of ballet on ice.

The bear has been dancing with a snowmobile in the Lake Kavanagh, and has been spotted at the edge of the ice floes for around three minutes.

The bears have been spotted dancing on the lake in several places in the Alps, and the Russian Bear Dance Association says it has not seen a bear dance on the ice before.

It is the first time the Russian bear has danced on the frozen lake, said Raffi Jansson, the head of the association.

The Russian Bear dance was started by a member of the Russian community who wanted to demonstrate the skills of the bear.

“It’s really hard for the bear to do the dance, because there’s only a small area that is frozen, and it’s very cold,” he said.

“We’ve never seen it on a lake before.

There’s nothing to stop the bear from dancing in this place, and so it’s a great place to do it.”

The bear was spotted on the same day as a Russian bear, who was spotted dancing in the same area.

The Russians were spotted in the area earlier this week.