How to take a dog with autism to the park: What to do if you’re stuck at home

A new app allows dogs to be trained to walk on their own and is aiming to help the pets find new friends at the park.

Read moreRead full storyKarelian Bear Dog is a new app that lets dogs learn to walk and talk on their paws and is a companion app to the popular Barking On app, which was developed by Australian-based developer Jameelah Karelian and published by BarkingOn in 2015.

“The idea behind Barking is to give people a chance to see dogs in a new environment,” Karelians Karelia and Daniela told Business Insider.

“People can use the app to watch a dog being taught how to walk or play fetch, and they can see what it is they are seeing with their own eyes.”

It’s really an interesting platform to work on and we’ve just started developing it.

“The app was created by Karelias partner, Daniela Karelius.

It uses the data collected from dogs who are currently walking on their hind legs to teach the dogs how to use their paws, which are often very limited at the moment.”

We’re using that to teach them to walk,” Daniela said.”

And it also helps them learn how to talk.

“The first batch of dogs were trained to use the Barking app at a public park in Adelaide in December.

After just three days, the dogs were able to learn to follow commands like ‘go on’ and ‘go down’.

Daniela said it was an ambitious goal to get the dogs to learn the human-friendly gestures they would need to interact with people at the zoo.”

A lot of people don’t know about the importance of a good socialisation program, but a good one can make you feel like a real friend,” Danielas said.

Daniela also said the app could be used to teach a dog to use a new tool, like the leash, or even get them to take part in a game or run away.”

If they learn how they can interact with a new toy, they’ll play with it and hopefully learn how it feels to walk with that new toy,” she said.

The app is currently available in the App Store for iOS and Android, with more countries planned to be added.

It is still in early access, but Kareli said it had been downloaded by 1.5 million people.

The company says it is working with some of the world’s leading dog trainers to develop a new training method.

The dogs can learn to recognise the gesture of ‘down’ and can also learn to say ‘come’ and turn their head to the side when they are being walked by the trainer.

Kareli and Danielas hope to release the app by the end of the year.”

I think the app is going to be great, because dogs are used to being around people and they want to be around people, and so that’s why they want it,” Daniel says.

Daniel and Karel said that with the app, they would be able to teach their dogs to interact more with other people and get a better understanding of their human world.”

So it’ll be a whole new ball game, because we’re going to train our dogs in this new environment that we are creating,” Daniel said.

Karen and her husband are both keen to keep their pets with them for the long haul.

Karen is currently taking care of their three-year-old pit bull mix, named Tanya, and Daniel works on setting up a veterinary clinic.”

She’s an incredibly good pet, but she needs her own space,” Karen said.