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The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) on Monday approved a proposal to set aside a portion of the 2019 calendar for the upcoming year, which will include the 50th anniversary of the B’Tselem settlement.

The date for the event is slated to be announced on April 15.

The B’Tsselem incident was one of the first documented cases of alleged violations of the law, which stipulates that the occupation authorities must refrain from interfering with the right of the residents of any Palestinian-controlled territory to establish their own state.

Israel has repeatedly claimed that it will not allow any new settlement to be built within the Green Line.

Earlier this year, Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced that it would not allow a settlement in the West Bank, but would instead be open to settlement in East Jerusalem, home to the Al Aqsa mosque compound and revered as the Temple Mount.

However, the government has since clarified that it plans to allow settlement in Jerusalem.

The IAA’s decision is likely to spark a backlash from Israel’s opponents, who fear the new plan would open the way for the construction of a Jewish-only settlement.

“The current policy is a complete disaster, which has brought about the deaths of over 600 Palestinian children since 1967,” the chief of the Palestinian Council for Popular Resistance (PCHR), Saeb Erekat, said in a statement.

“It has brought Israel to its knees, and is destroying the future of the country.”