When the bears came, it was a surprise

The world was shocked to see the bears at the Black Bear Park in North Bergen County, New Jersey.

In recent years, the park has seen some of the most dramatic bear sightings in the world, and the first two months of 2017 were no exception.

But when a group of tourists came to check out the park, they were greeted with the surprise of a lifetime.

The group was headed to a bear hunt in a remote region of the park and had arrived in the early morning hours.

A local resident had spotted a bear in the bushes near the trail.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Black Forest, they discovered a large group of bears, which had just made their way into the park.

The man in the bush was quickly shot and killed.

As the hunters headed to the area, a few bears were seen and the park became tense.

One of the men had a knife on him and was trying to run away.

He ran into a tree and then turned around and started to kill the other bear.

As he ran into the woods, the bear had a gun in his paw and was shooting at him, according to police.

The hunters shot back and killed the bear, police said.

Another bear was seen running toward them, according the police report.

The hunter was shot and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The two other bears were not harmed.

But the hunter and his companion, a woman, were seriously injured.

They were taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead at the scene.

The park has since issued a press release saying that the two bears were probably killed by people who were trespassing in the area.

“We do have a bear hunting permit and are using it for hunting purposes,” the release stated.

But this story isn’t just about the hunting and the hunting permit.

The people who shot the bears, and their friends, are also being charged with first-degree murder.

As New York’s police chief recently put it, the man in charge of the search for the bears “is a coward, and I think he’s going to go down in history as one of the worst people to ever have a gun.”

The New York Daily News has a nice article about this case, as well.

The article points out that the hunter who shot and wounded the bear is now in custody, and his girlfriend is also in custody.

Both were charged with second-degree assault.

Both are currently being held at the Bergen county jail in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Police say they will not be releasing the names of the people involved, because they fear retaliation.

Police spokesman Lt.

Steve Cavanaugh told the Daily News that this incident is a clear example of how the Black Woods Park bears are being targeted.

“It’s a public place where we all gather to hunt, and there are people out there who are going to kill any animals that come into the area,” Cavanaugh said.

“There is no justification for shooting and killing these animals.”

The story says the manhunt is being run by the Black Hills National Park Service and that the hunters are not required to be licensed.

“The Black Woods National Park is a place that is open to everyone,” Cattleman Bob Miller told the newspaper.

“You have people who love to hunt and are hunting, and you have people that are hunting for the animals, and those are two very different kinds of hunters.”

The park will have to conduct its own investigation to determine whether any additional charges will be filed against the hunters.

In the meantime, there are still some questions about the Black Bears hunt.

Why were the hunters killed?

The park is located on an Indian reservation and the reservation was not immediately available for comment.

However, it is well-known in Bergen that the Black Mountains are home to a large number of grizzly bears.

A recent study by the National Parks Conservation Association found that the area where the bear hunters were killed is home to an estimated 5,700 grizzly bear species.

The study also noted that there are more than 50 black bears in the park at any one time.

“This bears hunt is an important example of the value of hunting bears and protecting our public lands,” said Bob Miller, who has been a hunter and angler in the Blackwoods for 25 years.

“Our Black Woods and Bergen-based hunters have been doing this job for decades.

The fact that a group would come to the park without a permit and kill two bears is inexcusable.

It is very unfortunate.”

The Black Hills have also been home to bears for many years.

But in recent years there have been a lot more grizzly sightings in that area, and many hunters and anglers say that bears don’t have a place in the wild anymore.

“Bears are not wild animals anymore,” Miller told ABC News.

“People are shooting them, they are being shot, they’re being poisoned.

They are not


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