How to tell the difference between a bear and a polar bear in this video

It is an important distinction for both bears and polar bears.

But when you see a polar bears face, you might assume it is one of the bears, but it’s not.

When it comes to facial features, bears have long been the “common” face of polar bears, according to experts.

But that’s not the case in many cases, says Dr. David Eberhard, a polar science professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Polar bears have a very specific set of facial features and that is what makes them unique.

Eberhart said the polar bear’s face is so unique that when we see the same face in a polar environment it’s a different animal, like the chimpanzee.

For bears, the polar face is one they don’t normally use, because it doesn’t make for a good photograph, he said.

If you are seeing a polar face, it’s because the polar bears eyes are so big and they are staring at you.

In this case, Eberhardt said, the human eye is too small to see the polar eye.

“If you see the face in the video, you may think it’s polar bear eyes, but if you look at the eyes, you’ll see that it’s human eyes,” Eberhoff said.

You will also see the bears eyes, ears and ears are pointed in a way that indicates they are trying to see you, he added.

In the video above, you can see that the bear is looking right at you, but that’s because of the way they are pointing their ears and the way the bear’s mouth is open, he explained.

What are the similarities between bears and humans?

The polar bears’ facial features are different from human faces.

They have a wider jaw and longer teeth, which they use to chew.

They also have a thicker chin, which allows them to open their mouths wider and use their jaws to chew food, Ebersons study found.

“They are very similar in their teeth,” Ebershoff said, adding that the two species also have similar body shape, and facial features.

The polar bear is also a much larger animal than humans.

They weigh about 300 pounds (135 kilograms) and live for about a year in the winter, Ebernths research found.

It is the largest of all the polar species.

What about the bears polar bears are known for is their ability to use their long tails to hunt.

In fact, some scientists believe polar bears can hunt with their tails, but Eberheit said they don


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