Dolphins are getting ready to take the field for the first time in their history as NFL owners

NFL owners are considering a $2 billion deal that would bring the league’s oldest and smallest teams together for the inaugural season.

The move would bring a first-time league to the east coast for the second time since 1998.

It also could provide a way to lure a championship-caliber team to the New York market, where the NFL has not played since the 2007 season.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, a longtime NFL executive, told The Associated Press that the league is considering a deal that could include a team that is “a good fit” for the area.

Miami is not the only major team looking to play in the New England area, but it would be the first to do so with the exception of San Francisco.

“It’s a perfect location for the Dolphins,” Ross said in a phone interview Tuesday.

“They are the oldest team in the league and they are the most popular team.

It’s a great fit for them.”

Ross said the NFL is currently evaluating the viability of the deal.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that we have the right team for the location and the market,” he said.

“The league is evaluating that.”

The NFL’s 10 teams play in eight different cities, including Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

The New York Giants play the New Orleans Saints, who have not played in New England since 2002.

The Dolphins are the team that has made the most appearances in the East and is the most consistent in terms of home games.

The team is also the only team to have won two Super Bowls.

Ross said he’s willing to let the Dolphins play in New York as long as the league approves a stadium and new owners are willing to commit to building it.

“We’re just looking at all the things that are going on,” Ross told AP.

“And at the end of the day, the league makes those decisions.”

Dolphins owner Steve Ross says the team has been interested in a New York City stadium.

(AP Photo/David Goldman) Ross said last month that the NFL was considering a New Orleans stadium, but that it would need to be approved by the New Jersey Legislature.

The NFL also is considering relocating a Miami Dolphins game to the Las Vegas Strip, and a Miami-New York City game would play in Washington, but both are off limits because the league has a policy against playing in venues where gambling is prohibited.

The only New England venue currently considered for the NFL’s opening is the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., home of the New Hampshire Wildcats football team.

The league also is exploring a move to Los Angeles and other areas, but those proposals are still under consideration.

Ross, who made his fortune in the real estate business, said he has been meeting with league officials to discuss the possibility of a New England-based team.

“As I’ve said, I’m a fan of New England and I’m sure there’s a lot of people that are a fan, but there’s no way that we’re going to move the Dolphins anywhere but New England,” Ross tweeted.

“So, we’re just talking to them and waiting to see how things develop.”

Ross did not offer any further details about the possible stadium, nor did he offer any information about the stadium’s potential cost.

Ross has said he expects the Dolphins to be among the first teams to join the NFL and said he thinks the league could create the team with the same amount of financial resources that other professional sports leagues use.

“Obviously, the team needs to be financially sustainable,” Ross wrote in a post on Facebook last month.

“If the team is financially sustainable, we will be open to all ideas.

But the NFL must be financially stable and stable, which is where I think we stand.”

Miami Dolphins owners Steve Ross, left, and Stephen Ross.

(Associated Press) Miami Dolphins ownership Stephen Ross told The AP that the team could not be in New Jersey because the team would not be able to pay rent to the team’s home.

The franchise would be in Miami and New York, but not the area in which the team currently plays.

Ross added that he was in talks with a team in Florida to play a home game there, but said that the discussions were stalled because the Florida Panthers are the only NFL team with a new home stadium.

The Miami Dolphins are not the first team to play the Patriots in the city of Boston.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2007 and have since played home games in other cities, such as Detroit, Los Vegas and Philadelphia.

Ross’ decision to move his team to New England has caused some controversy among the team owners, many of whom are upset because of Ross’ past comments.

Former NFL player Steve Politi told The Boston Globe last month the move would hurt the team because it would reduce the home-field advantage the Patriots had.

“Anytime a team moves,


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