What’s happening to the polar bears of the Arctic?

In the face of the unprecedented ice loss, the polar bear population has been plummeting.

Last summer, there were fewer than 20 bears left in the entire North Pole region.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), just over half of the North Pole bears have died, with another third missing.

The rest have been left to recover on their own.

This year, as of this writing, there are only about 10 bears left on the North, which is the lowest total for the last 20 years.

The bears, like the polar sea ice, have been at their lowest levels in about three decades.

The last time they were this low was in 1983, and the last time their numbers were this close to extinction was in 1999.

Last year, a number of bears were found dead in the wild in areas where the ice had already disappeared.

In the winter, polar bears in the North and South Poles are forced to rely on their hunting prowess to survive.

They can’t go anywhere, and they can’t hunt at night.

Polar bears also have to stay in the Arctic, where they’re often surrounded by ice and snow.

Polar bear hibernation has been a constant threat to polar bears for years.

The bears, which are known for their long, thick fur, are also often exposed to cold and snow for extended periods.

But the number of polar bears has been dropping for years, as the climate has warmed.

Polar sea ice in the region is at a record low.

There’s also been an increasing amount of polar bear fur in recent years, with more bears eating fur and more animals coming into contact with them.

It’s unclear how much the decline is related to climate change, but some scientists believe the decline could be related to polar bear habitat being more susceptible to development and development on land.

Polar Bears are one of the most charismatic and beautiful animals on Earth.

They are so rare that the species is only found in three areas of the world.

“They are the only animals we see in the Antarctic where they can be seen by the naked eye,” said Mark Gagnon, a scientist at the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group.

“They are also the only animal that can survive on land without any other animals being able to survive.”

The IUCD says the Arctic is currently home to around 40,000 polar bears.

It is estimated that there are about 3,000 of these animals left, and that the population is expected to drop to fewer than 3,200 by 2020.


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