Which is the best lake in Canberra?

The Lake Atarapuah, known locally as Bear Canyon, is a popular swimming spot for tourists.

But it is also home to a number of fish species, including the rare Cinnamon Bear.

The lake is a great place to take a dip in the ocean or take in the sights.

Here’s our pick for the best lakes in Canberra.


Bear Canyon Lake, Canberra, ACT, WA The Lake Atarepuah is one of the most popular swimming spots in Canberra, and you’ll never get a better view of the sea or sunsets from the shore than from here.

It’s the perfect place to catch up on the highlights of the week, like the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

This is the Lake Atariapuahs favourite spot for a day of swimming.


Coney Island Lake, Sydney, NSW, AU Coney Island is a beautiful lake, but it also has some of the worst water quality in the country.

The water quality is often poor, with algae growing in the water and the algae killing fish and other wildlife.

But you can get the best of both worlds, when you can visit Coney’s lakeside, or take a swim in one of their beautiful pools.

The best swimming spots to visit in Sydney are the lakes in the Sydney Waterfront, which are a perfect place for swimming and exploring.

There are also plenty of great views to enjoy in Coney Beach.


Rock Creek Lake, Brisbane, QLD, AU  The Rock Creek Lakes in Queensland are a popular destination for swimming in the Brisbane region.

The area boasts some of Queensland’s best water quality and is the perfect spot to relax in the sun.

These lakes are a great spot for swimming with your family.

They also host some of Australia’s best diving, swimming and snorkelling spots.


Lake Macquarie, Perth, WA, AU The Lake Macquesta is a well-known swimming spot in Perth.

It boasts the best water temperature, the freshest water and is also known for its unique coral reef ecosystem.

It’s a perfect spot for catching up on your holiday, catching up with family or just enjoying the water.

Lake Macquaria has some very nice water and plenty of nice rocks and sand for snorkelers and divers to enjoy.


The Cairns Sea, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia Lake Cairn is one the best beaches in Brisbane and is an ideal spot to take some sun.

It is also one of Australias most beautiful seaside areas, with some of its best beaches including the beach at Lake Cairnrub, and the sand beach at The Caird.


The Lake Braid, Sydney , NSW, Australia Lake Barge is one part of Australia of its Lake Brain, a unique combination of beaches that is known for being a popular tourist destination.

One of the great things about Lake Brail is that you can take your family along for the ride.

The boat and the beach are a fantastic time to catch a swim.

There are also some great diving and snoorlays to be had in Lake Brier.


Lake Croydon, Sydney NSW, UK Lake Cumberdon is the second largest lake in the South West, after Lake Caud.

The great thing about this lake is that it’s a good place to swim in the summer, which is when it gets quite warm.

A great place for people to enjoy the sun and catch up with friends.


Mount Cook Lakes, Sydney South East, Australia  Mount Cook Lakes is a perfect destination for people wanting to enjoy swimming in an open water environment.

It also has a great surfing spot in the Lake of the Clouds, which you can rent or take out for a spin.


Lake Waipahu, Auckland New Zealand Lake Waipāhu is one one of New Zealand’s best beaches and one of its most popular tourist destinations.

It has great beaches, great views and great swimming opportunities.


Lake Koorariki, Townsville, Queensland Lake Koorarahi is one place you can’t miss when you’re on holiday in Townsville.

The beautiful lake has fantastic swimming and swimming spots, plus great beaches.


Lake Wairarapa, Townsland South West of Brisbane, Queensland The Lakes of Wairarrapa, Wairorapa and Wairaraapa are among the best swimming beaches in Queensland, and are a prime spot to catch the rays.

They are also a great swimming destination when you want to relax with your children or family.


Lake Eyre, Queensland South, Australia Lake Eyre is one South West beach and is a fantastic place to enjoy a swim, snork or take some snorkes in the lake.

The beaches are also great for catching