How to get a bear track in Dublin

The first time a bear was seen in Ireland was in a forest in the 1960s.

It was spotted by a garda and a couple of local farmers and the pair put a trap out to see if the animal would come out.

It didn’t and the two men had to go back to the local park to find out how to catch it again.

The problem was that they couldn’t get a trap set up and a year later they found that the bear had moved on and had become a nuisance to all.

They found that it was a large black bear and they named it Grolar Bear.

It has been described as the largest black bear in Ireland.

It is also the most popular bear in the area and is so well known it has been seen roaming around the city in the dark with the lights on and it is a popular attraction.

The last time the bear was sighted was in the 1980s.

The first sighting came after the Irish Government had installed a new bridge across the Moselle River in order to make it easier for ferries to cross it.

It was believed the bear moved to the bridge and then disappeared.

There are now several traps around the town, but the most effective way to get the bear to move away from the area is to use bait.

Grolar bears are active during the day and are usually seen in groups of up to 100.

They are a good target for traps because they are easy to spot and are not aggressive.

They can be very loud, so people should be aware if they are in a crowded place.

The traps can be purchased from any garda station and are cheap and can be set up in just under 15 minutes.

You can also call a professional trap operator in the town to help with the trap.

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