How the black bear has been blamed for the rise in black bear attacks

The black bear is the first animal to get the bearhood treatment.

The bear is a species that has been largely misunderstood and its role in the Black Bear Collapse was once believed to be negligible, says Stephen Kelly, a senior research scientist at the University of New South Wales.

“It has been widely regarded as the most peaceful of the big four bear species.

But it has a history of being aggressive and it has had a long history of killing people,” he said.

When a black bear attacked a person in Sydney, in 1987, it was blamed on a dog called the Black Dog, but the animal later confessed to killing a woman and her two children.

Mr Kelly says that while the black bears reputation as the best predator in Australia has been well deserved, it has also been misrepresented and blamed on people.

“People have been told the black has no aggression, that it is peaceful, peaceful animals that can be controlled and the black is the most dangerous animal,” he says.

In recent years, researchers have become increasingly worried about the bear’s ability to attack humans and livestock, including cattle, sheep and goats.

They have also been warning about the risk of a catastrophic black bear attack on the continent.

Professor Kelly says the current bear population in Australia is in need of urgent attention and it is essential that people are aware of its potential impact on humans and the environment.

He says it is crucial to be prepared for a possible black bear apocalypse and it will take time to adapt to a bear attack.

For more stories about Black Bears, see our black bear coverage page.


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